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A Finnish visitor’s story:

I lived at a farm, where there were animals of all kind. Our house and the yard were big, so this is where all the children in the village gathered to play. During the war we had a Soviet prisoner of war who helped my parents on the farm and in his free time he played with us kids. One day as we were outside playing the prisoner started to run fast towards the forest. We got worried as we thought the prisoner was going to run away! But all of a sudden he turned as he was running and yelled: Baaaah!We realized that he was on his way to get the sheep that was grazing on the edge of the wood. And in a moment he was back with the sheep on a rope.

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Who is the girl in the picture?

In 1956 the lease period of Porkkala was over and the Finnish inhabitants could return to their homes after 11 years. The area had been used as a strictly closed military base by the Soviet Union. Several rolls of film were found on the farms after the return. In the pictures you can see some of the Soviet inhabitants of the military base. We still haven't found out who the people on these pictures are. We assume, that they are a family. The roll of film was found in Brasis, Degerby, and therefore we assume that the family lived in Degerby. Do you know something about the girl and her family? While waiting for an answer, we have named her Mona-Lisa of Degerby.

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