By bus to Degerby

Would you like to visit Degerby but you don't have a car? Here is a list of buses, which will take you from Helsinki to Degerby and back. In addition to these buses there is an everyday evening bus from Helsinki platform 55 at 21.35 via Kirkkonummi to Inkoo.

 Helsinki – Inkoo

M-S Pohjolan liikenne at 11.00

M-P Wikströms busstrafik at 12.30

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 13.25 (not during summer holidays)

M-P Pohjolan liikenne at 14.55

M-P Pohjolan liikenne at 15.45 (not during summer holidays)

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 16.10 (not during summer holidays)

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 17.00

M-S Wikströms busstrafik at 17.40

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 18.50 (not during summer holidays)

Inkoo - Helsinki

M-P Pohjolan Liikenne at 6.25

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 7.15 (not during summer holidays)

M-P Vainion liikenne at 8.05 (not during summer holidays)

M-L Ampers Busstrafik at 9.10

M-P Wikströms busstrafik at. 10.35

M-S Wikströms busstrafik at 11.15

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 15.05

M-S Pohjolan Liikenne at 15.45

M-P Ampers Busstrafik at 16.30 (not during summer holidays)


See all bus schedules here.


Would you like to be picked up in a place of your own choice? Berndt Gottberg will pick you up in a minivan for 9 persons and bring you to Degerby or another destination. He also does guided tours in English in Helsinki and Porkkala. For more information, contact Porkkala Bus: +358 400 528 598 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..