The village council in working on following things this year:

It’s been 60 years now since Porkkala was handed back to Finland after the Soviet lease period. We concentrate on this theme in our new exhibition at the Degerby Igor Museum, where we present tools that were used to build up the area after the destruction of the Soviet army. We also tell you more about everyday life on the southern shore of the Finnish Gulf, and how the Baltic inhabitants lived at the same period of time. We remember the return to Porkkala at a morning service in the church, at the Degerby Day and in cooperation with the project of Porkkalan Parenteesi.

In 2017 we celebrate 100 years of independence in Finland. We will choose the museum item of the year, which will represent the independence of Finland at a local and a national level.

The village council is planning a new brochure on the area.

The village council leases the real estate of Rosenberg from the municipality of Inkoo and will continue repairing and maintaining both buildings.

We will organize village meetings on different themes: history, books, handicraft, movies, and games.

The village council hires workers according to requirements.

The village council continues its cooperation with the church.

We continue maintaining the village archive, which is a program developed by Västerbottens museum in Sweden.

The village council continues maintaining the playground in the center of the village. We try to make the playground even more comfortable with rain and sun shelters, new benches and a new fence.

The village council will keep on spreading important information to the inhabitants and tourists through a village paper, this website, a new brochure and through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We are planning a new project for 2017 in cooperation with the occupation museums of Estonia and Latvia occupation museums and the Lithuanian KGB-museum. Themes: recent history, tolerance and understanding.