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A Finnish visitor’s story:

I lived at a farm, where there were animals of all kind. Our house and the yard were big, so this is where all the children in the village gathered to play. During the war we had a Soviet prisoner of war who helped my parents on the farm and in his free time he played with us kids. One day as we were outside playing the prisoner started to run fast towards the forest. We got worried as we thought the prisoner was going to run away! But all of a sudden he turned as he was running and yelled: Baaaah!We realized that he was on his way to get the sheep that was grazing on the edge of the wood. And in a moment he was back with the sheep on a rope.

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Is there a petpark in Degerby?
Yes, we have our very own petpark in the village of Degerby - Lomamäen lemmikkipuisto. Read more about the petpark!

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Museet stängt

Igor museet är stängt torsdagen den 25.5. Hoppas alla har en trevlig Kristi himmelsfärdsdag!

Igor museo on suljettu torstaina 25.5. Toivotamme kaikille mukavaa Helatorstaita!

Igor museum is closed on thursday 25th of may. We wish you a pleasant Ascension day.

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Degerby has its own village streamer!

- Finally Degerby has its very own village streamer! The process has aquired a lot of work, but the work was completed in a good cooperation between the village council and the youth association. You can see the new streamer in the picture to the right, or you can visit us at the village office for a peek. You can buy the streamer for your very own flagpole for 70 euros at the village office or order it by contacting us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +358 40 541 8526. There is also a smaller one, price: 45 euros.

- After the annual meeting of the village council we are happy to welcome our new board members Gun-Britt Ålander and Andreas Elfving. We would also like to express our gratitute to Gun-May Kata and Svante Lindroth, who resigned from their duty after several years of goog cooperation and eager efforts. Thank you very much!

- All inhabitants of our village have access to our village helper, who will help you with your daily tasks, such as gardening, painting and much more. We charge 10 €/hour for his work, and if you live in Finland you can reduce the charge from your taxes. For more information and booking, contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +358 40 541 8526